Tent Sizes

We offer a wide variety of tent sizes and have the ability to adjust the tent to meet your needs. For further information and/or assistance in choosing the appropriate size tent for your function, contact our expert staff who would be happy to assist you with your specific details.



   Tent Size:     Price             

20x20           $275

20x40           $350

30x30            $500

40x40           $900

30x60           $975

30x75          $1200

40x60         $1400

30x90         $1500

40x80         $2000

40x100       $2500

40x120       $3000

40x140       $3600

40x160       $4200

 Tent prices include set up and take down 

Delivery charge based on location

Tent sides not included in this price for a list of side pricing see tent sides.

Tents and Sizes Illustrated

20 X 40 Without Sides



30 X 90 With Sides


40 X 80 With Sides